Friday, December 30, 2011

crazy year

Well as this year is coming to an end I am looking back and wondering how did it go bye so fast. It seem to have just rushed bye Tasha just turned 10 yesterday. Man i feel old. This year has just brought a lot of changes. Jenny was diagnosed with seizures but thankfully with meds she seems to be good. She also started all day kindergarten this year She loves it.
Keith is in 2nd grade we are still struggling to get all his issues under control every time we think we got it he goes and changes things on us. That boy defiantly keeps use on our toes. for an example he brought home a paper for karate classes. he asked us if he could take the classes. ( he had just got in trouble the day before for beating up a student) we were like no. You would use what you learn in class on the other students. So Keith decides that he has seen enough karate on TV. He is going to get a bunch of kids to create their own little dojo in the middle of the playground. The only problem is they were beating up any poor little kid that happened to walk past them. Ya that my son where he comes up with this stuff i have no idea
Like i Said Tasha just turned 10 she is doing great in school she is in 4th grade but she reads at a 7 or 8th grade level i think she is way to smart for her own good she gets bored cause it comes so easy to her but she is a good kid
here is hoping that 2012 is a little less crazy