Monday, March 21, 2011

Life gets away from you

I want to start out and apologize that i have not posted in a while. My life seams to like being out of control. Recently i had cps come to my house and tell me that my son had a bruise on the side of his face. Then they informed me that he told them that i had slapped him across the face. So they are going to be investigating me and that me way have to go to court over this. I just sat there not even sure if i was awake. This felt like a horrible nightmare. I have never slapped my son across the face. Then they tell me that i am not allowed to talk to my son about this at all because that would be witness tampering. After a horribly long weekend they notified me that they want us to have a counselor come to our house twice a week for a while but that they were not going to press charges.I can honestly say that was probably the worse weekend of my life. To be blamed for hurting my child. Plus if that wasn't bad enough not being able to talk to him and find out what truly happened. I wish i could understand why my life could never be simply.