Friday, December 30, 2011

crazy year

Well as this year is coming to an end I am looking back and wondering how did it go bye so fast. It seem to have just rushed bye Tasha just turned 10 yesterday. Man i feel old. This year has just brought a lot of changes. Jenny was diagnosed with seizures but thankfully with meds she seems to be good. She also started all day kindergarten this year She loves it.
Keith is in 2nd grade we are still struggling to get all his issues under control every time we think we got it he goes and changes things on us. That boy defiantly keeps use on our toes. for an example he brought home a paper for karate classes. he asked us if he could take the classes. ( he had just got in trouble the day before for beating up a student) we were like no. You would use what you learn in class on the other students. So Keith decides that he has seen enough karate on TV. He is going to get a bunch of kids to create their own little dojo in the middle of the playground. The only problem is they were beating up any poor little kid that happened to walk past them. Ya that my son where he comes up with this stuff i have no idea
Like i Said Tasha just turned 10 she is doing great in school she is in 4th grade but she reads at a 7 or 8th grade level i think she is way to smart for her own good she gets bored cause it comes so easy to her but she is a good kid
here is hoping that 2012 is a little less crazy

Monday, April 18, 2011

life can be crazy

So i have found out that all though cps is not pressing charges they still have found me guilty of hurting Keith cause apparently if he said i did it and he has a mark that is all it takes to prove guilt. I don't even know what to do over all this. I now can't really be a parent with out fear that they are going to take my child away from me. With all of the stress i am under this is affecting my health. Please Pray for me and my family

Monday, March 21, 2011

Life gets away from you

I want to start out and apologize that i have not posted in a while. My life seams to like being out of control. Recently i had cps come to my house and tell me that my son had a bruise on the side of his face. Then they informed me that he told them that i had slapped him across the face. So they are going to be investigating me and that me way have to go to court over this. I just sat there not even sure if i was awake. This felt like a horrible nightmare. I have never slapped my son across the face. Then they tell me that i am not allowed to talk to my son about this at all because that would be witness tampering. After a horribly long weekend they notified me that they want us to have a counselor come to our house twice a week for a while but that they were not going to press charges.I can honestly say that was probably the worse weekend of my life. To be blamed for hurting my child. Plus if that wasn't bad enough not being able to talk to him and find out what truly happened. I wish i could understand why my life could never be simply.

Friday, February 4, 2011

late night trips to the er

so sorry i haven't blogged in a while it has been pure chaos around my house. We got our tax return. So mike took pity on me and bought me a dishwasher and some cabinets. So that my kitchen will be more useful and give me less headaches. So our kitchen is completely torn apart to put the new cabinets in. While he was trying to install the dishwasher however. His hand slipped and he sliced his finger down to the bone. mind you it like 830 900 at night. so i had to run to the neighbors and ask one of them to watch my kids. Who i had already put down for bed. Then take mike to the er. He ended up with 4 stitches and a tetanus shot. Poor guy though he wasn't numbing up so the doctor had to stick him like 8 times with a needle trying to numb him up. The tetanus shot hurt worse than the stitches. I feel so bad for him. He has this enormous bandage on his finger and his arm is killing him form that shot

Friday, January 21, 2011


i will be adding more picture to my blogg once i can figure this whole thing out i basically need a different template i guess


so last night i took my family plus my brother brian and my sister selena to a concert. Here in salt lake they do a concert for family's with special needs. Since most of us with special need children can't just take our kids out to the theater because of their behaviors. Well keith and jenny weren't the worst there but they did not handle being there very well. Keith just kept asking when it was going to be over. Jenny just kept climbing all over everyone. I finally had to pull out my ipod touch so that jenny would stay put and stop crying. I have to say that i think it actually went pretty well over all. Considering my kids struggle being out in public with lots of people. I am hoping that we can find more events like this where my kids can start to get more comfortable out in public.